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Ing. Andrej Fogelton
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Story of eyeblink

My name is Andrej. I am a computer vision guy and a current PhD. student at Slovak University of Technology. I have suffered from dry eye syndrome since the beginning of my university studies. While reading a lot about it, I found out that the biggest issue in dry eye syndrome is low blink rate. The idea of eyeblink first came to me while working on my master thesis (hand tracking). The first problem needed to be solved is eye blink detection. Several students work on this problem under my supervision as a part of their bachelor theses. After several unsuccessful attempts, I finally got together one of the best algorithms in the world on eye blink detection. This is the core of eyeblink. The first working prototype of eyeblink was developed during a course of Team project, where 5 students contributed to it. Now, reliable application will hopefully help me and many others suffering from dry eye syndrome. There are plenty of people to whom I am greatful for their help, among them, Tibor Kádek, Martin Rusina, Marek Hlava, Marta Barabášová, Tomáš Tuleja, Andrej Hubinský, Patrik Polatsek, Tomáš Drutarovský, Pavol Poljak, Dominik Melaga, Andrej Piliar, Lukáš Putala, Milan Smoleňák and many others.

1 July 2015

This project was supported by Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Tatra Bank Foundation, Social Impact Award, Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information and Research Centre, University of Žilina.

Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava Tatra bank foundation Social Impact Award SLOVAK CENTRE OF SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL INFORMATION Research centre, University of Zilina


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