Eyeblink uses the freemium license model. The basic features are free of charge. The premium features which use webcam based interaction can be unlocked by purchased license key in settings. The premium features are available 14 days free of charge. The premium license works on yearly subscription bases. Eyeblink is now available only for Windows platform.



DOWNLOAD EYEBLINK Version • Windows • 29MB

15 Excl.

per computer, per year


Blink rate measurements

Eyeblink measures blink rate each half an hour using webcam.

Blink training

Eyeblink trains user to blink more using a simple reminder, which does not need a camera, appears at regular intervals for three seconds to remind user to blink.

Smart blink training

An interactive reminder uses camera. It appears only in a case of low blink rate and goes away itself with next blink. If you blink good enough, the reminder does not even show up.

(14 days trial)

Manual screen brightness control

Eyeblink adjusts screen brightness on all your screens at once using shortcuts. It is very efficient mostly while using external screens. It is a software brightness adjustment, different from the hardware shortcuts on laptops.

Automatic screen brightness

Eyeblink observes room light using webcam and adjusts the screen brightness accordingly. Eyeblink learns the adjustment from the user preference.

(14 days trial)

Smart computer breaks

Computer breaks are planned based on the real user presence at computer using the change of mouse cursor position.

Computer breaks using webcam

Webcam is also used to detect user presence at computer for more accurate break planning.

(14 days trial)

Eye exercises

Each 20 minutes a reminder for given exercise appears for 10 seconds.

System requirements

webcam for using those features which need it (min. resolution 640x480 at 30fps)
Windows 7 64bit or higher (with the latest updates)
64bit dual core processor with SSE2 support
2GB of RAM
Internet connection (license verification)

Release notes

19th March 2018: Focus lost while working in background fixed.

13th March 2018: PCID added to gui. Few small bugs fixed.

12th March 2018: OpenGL gui rendering added, sound reminder fixed. Bug fixed. New installer, therefore you have to uninstall the previous version manually.


5th March 2018: Eyeblink upgraded to 64bit, new smaller eye detection file, compiler and libraries updated.

31th January 2018: Smart training bug fixed, it was not working sometimes. More precise light measurement enabled, user's face is not included because it is illuminated with the screen which was lowering the precision.

17th January 2018: Break reminder and eye exercises added. New algorithm for room light measurement. If the preference for given room light does not exist, it looks for the most simillar preference. Multiple bugs fixed.