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Our goal is to help people with dry eye syndrome. We want to prove that blink rate can be increased using visual input. Those who are willing to help us, we offer up to one year license without fees. While using research license you have to send us blink rate statistics and fill in the register form about your eye health and feedback forms each month.

VAT reverse charge.

(valid for 1 year from today)

* Our goal is to help you with dry eye syndrome. We want to make eyeblink available for everyone that is the reason for affordable price. At the end it is up to you how you value eyeblink.
Notice: Eyeblink verifies your license each time it starts. Eyeblink is disabled after 14 days without Internet connection. Eyeblink is enabled again after you start it with the Internet connection.

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Download eyeblink

Version: 1.9.3

Eyeblink free functionalities

  • blink rate measurements
  • blink detection demo
  • manual brightness control

Premium functionalities

(14 days free of charge)

  • personalized training
  • automatic brightness control
    • System requirements:

      webcam (min. resolution 640x480 at 30fps)
      Microsoft Windows Vista or higher
      dual core processor with SSE3 support
      2GB of RAM
      200MB HDD
      Internet connection (license verification)

      Free Download (83MB, .exe)